Tire Types

With its steel belted construction and polyester cords, American whitewall tires in a storage warehouse

Classic radial tires have an estimated lifespan of 45,000 miles, as long as the suspension is aligned correctly. All American Classic radials are tubeless tires and all sizes are both DOT and ECE approved. ECE is the certification for the European market. Recommended tire pressure is 35 PSI, and anything below that pressure can lead to inconsistent wear or tire failure.


Whether it’s a whitewall, redline or goldline, each sidewall

treatment is molded into the tire, not added on after the tires are made, resulting in a quality finished product. American Classic radials are made in the USA and feature a UTQG rating of 540 BB. Traction “B” represents the tire’s ability to stop on wet pavement, while Temperature “B” represents the tire’s resistance to the generation of heat and its ability to dissipate heat.


Lug centric balancing is preferred over hub centric, because it’s more accurate to real-world driving.

Weights should be mounted on the inside of the tire in order to protect the soft whitewall. Because of the whitewall insert, American Classic radial tires may take 3 to 5 ounces to balance. Old wheels can often be out-of-round, which will cause problems when it comes time to balance the new tires. Carefully check your old rims before mounting.


When converting your car from bias ply tires to radials, the 75 series will be closer to the 80 series

bias ply sizing. Keep in mind that 70 series tires may rub in some applications, especially with fender skirts. All listed measurements are non-scientific and may change with different rim widths. Mixing bias ply tires and radials on the same vehicle could cause severe handling problems, because of the vastly different construction styles. Also be aware that older rims designed for bias ply tires may crack if used with modern radials, as the radial places more street on the wheel.



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